Teeth Whitening

Some Myths About Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth whitening can help brighten up a dull smile. There are many choices for tooth whitening, from a dental office to DIY kits. Whatever you decide, it’s crucial to get the facts forth on time. Not everything you hear about tooth whitening is correct. 

Myth #1: It’s Too Costly.

Teeth whitening treatment has its own benefits & at the same time, it is pocket-friendly also. DIY tooth whitening is usually more affordable than professional whitening at the dental office. But that does not mean all professional whitening will be out of your budget. Tooth whitening kits run about $100. In-office professional whitening costs an average of $600. Some versions can cost as much as $3,000 to $4000. 

Myth #2: Makes Teeth Too Sensitive.

Teeth-whitening kits make your teeth more sensitive, but this is not a permanent side effect. The bleaching solution can cause moderate irritation to your gums which are also temporary. And there are other ways to deal with this so you can still bleach your teeth. Wear the tooth whitening trays or strips for a shorter portion of time. If you have to apply the solution for an hour, do it in two 30-minute sessions. Take a break for a few days after you first start bleaching your teeth.

Myth #3: It Can Work For Anyone.

Tooth-whitening cannot always get teeth shining white—even if you go for the expensive in-office whitening treatments. If you have dentures, veneers, caps, crowns, or fillings- tooth whitening treatment will not work. Teeth stained, often from medications, may not get whitened. Teeth stained brown may not bleach entirely. But, yellow teeth whiten the best. 

Myth #4: I Only Need To Do It Once

Most teeth-whitening treatments need a retouch. Professional whitening treatments performed in a dental office can last up to 3 years. Even then, you may need further treatments after six months to a year. At-home whitening tray may need more routine applications. It all relies on your teeth, the whitening solution you use, and your eating & drinking habits. 

Myth #5: Get Treated In A Dental Office For Good Results

Not clearly. Dentists use a concentrated bleaching gel and light to help bleach teeth. They ensure the amount used is safe and use something to cover your gums. And, even if you require to reprises the procedure, just one visit can deliver results. They may be compelling, but it is crucial to consult with our Twin Falls dentist before attempting any of them. Ask if a particular teeth-whitening kit would be good for you & get some expert tips to make sure you can use it precisely.

Professional Teeth Whitening

The truth is tooth whitening will not cost you a fortune. At our Twin Falls Dental office, our professional dentists will provide you with a detailed overview of how teeth whitening works & its benefits. 

So no more wasting time, contact us to book your appointment now at our dental office in Twin Falls, Idaho.