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5 Dental Implant Myths

Are you missing teeth? One of the great things about living in today’s world is the fact that you don’t need to settle for gaps in your smile. There are several different tooth replacement options out there that can help you get your teeth back. Dental implants  have become a popular option because of their many benefits. However, there are still plenty of misconceptions floating around out there. An implant dentist explains a few common myths and why they are incorrect.

Myth #1: Dental Implants Are Just for Old People

There are many older individuals who suffer from tooth loss, but they aren’t the only ones who are able to benefit from dental implants. The truth is that implants can be an ideal option for people of any age as long as the jawbone has finished developing, which usually happens sometimes in the early 20s. If your gums and bones both appear to be in good health, you may be a good candidate for the procedure. Talk to your dentist to find out whether or not they would be a good option for you.

Myth #2: Dental Implants Don’t Look Like Real Teeth

One of the many great benefits of choosing dental implants is the fact that they look just like your natural teeth. They blend in perfectly with the rest of your smile. After some careful planning, your dentist will place your implant into the most ideal location for osseointegration to take place. Your dental crown is made to be the exact size, shape, and color to give you a natural-looking smile.

Myth #3: Getting Dental Implants Is a Painful Process

You may feel some discomfort after your placement procedure, but this process doesn’t involve much pain overall. You might feel some pressure during your procedure, but your teeth and gums are completely numbed so you won’t feel any pain. During the recovery period, your dentist will give you recommendations and/or pain medications in order to help relieve any discomfort.

Myth #4: You Need to Follow a Restricted Diet

You will need to stick to softer foods when your implants are still healing, but once the healing process is complete and osseointegration has taken place, you can pretty much eat whatever you want within reason. Dental implants restore up to 90% of your natural bite force.

Myth #5: Dental Implants Are Very Expensive

Implants aren’t always as expensive as you would expect them to be. When considering dental implants, you must consider them an investment. They can last upwards of 25 years and even the rest of your life if you care for them properly. During this time, you don’t need to worry about having them relined or replaced as you do with dentures. You also can eliminate adhesives and soaking tablets from your shopping list. Depending on the type of insurance benefits that you have, they can be relatively affordable.

Don’t let these common myths out there fool you. By doing your research and talking to your dentist, you can make an informed decision about the future of your smile and oral health. This way, you can determine if dental implants are the best tooth replacement option for you!