Know if cosmetic dentistry is painful.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Hurt? Ask The Expert.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Really Hurt?

Patients use cosmetic dentistry for a range of dental issues. Teeth whitening, straightening crooked teeth, misalignment of teeth, and replacing metal fillings with more realistic colors are some of the dental choices used to enhance the look and functionality of the teeth. A common that most patients ask is- “Does it hurt?” Thankfully, technology lets these procedures save more of the natural tooth & avoiding a good amount of pain.

Reducing The Fear

cosmetic dentists know that people are worried about treatments. Thus, they work hard to make the process as comfortable as possible so that the patient has a satisfying experience.

Treatments With Little Pain

Treatments like teeth whitening and porcelain veneers have little to no post-treatment pain beyond momentary sensitivity that lasts a few days.

Porcelain veneers generally need minimal preparation of the natural teeth, so injections and drilling are usually unnecessary. These wafer-thin shells fit over the front or sides of the teeth to fix a wide array of cosmetic problems, and the treatment is painless.

Cosmetic braces use tooth-colored wires or clear aligners to slowly move the teeth into a more suitable position. These clear aligners are virtually invisible braces since no one can notice them with naked eyes. With braces, patients may undergo initial discomfort as the aligners get tightly fitted to facilitate the change. If temporary tooth sensitivity is an issue after the process, the dentist may suggest toothpaste specifically for sensitive teeth. The sensitivity generally vanishes on its own as time passes.

Treatments With A little More Pain

In some cases, the patient needs some preparation work for the teeth relying on the procedure and the shape of the teeth. When getting composite resin fillings, the patient may experience initial and post-procedural discomfort if there is tooth decay. Decay can irritate the tooth and the dentist working on the tooth can cause additional irritation. A cosmetic dentist usually numbs the area with pain-free injections before the treatment so that you do not experience any painful sensitivity. After the treatment, some degree of sensitivity towards hot and cold foods and beverages can occur that lasts for a few weeks or maybe months.

Dental implant surgery is a procedure performed over time to prepare for the implant. The process involves putting an implant into the jawbone and letting it heal for a few months before an abutment is installed on the implant. The abutment is a metal post that functions as a base for the false tooth. An impression is taken and utilized to create the new tooth which will be permanently connected to the abutment. Although this procedure sounds painful, placing implants is an easy method than extracting a natural tooth. A local anesthetic is generally all that is required to make the patient comfortable.

Alternative Approach

Patients anxious about cosmetic dentistry may be good candidates for sedation dentistry. Many dentists provide sedation dentistry services to help patients feel calm & relax during the treatment. This way patients can gain brighter and straighter teeth without undergoing any pain & no memory of the experience. 

The cosmetic dentist in Twin Falls will be the best person to tell you about the process of cosmetic dental procedures & whether they will cause pain. Though, all dental treatments are now painless, thanks to the advances in dentistry. If you want to know more about cosmetic dentistry procedures & which will meet your requirements, contact us today