How to Prepare to Receive Dental Implants ?

If you are planning to receive dental implants, you have an exciting and fulfilling road ahead of you! Your dentist will be there to advise you every step of the way, from your consultation to the glorious day when you receive your new teeth. One part of the implant process that many people are a bit nervous about is placement surgery — but there is no reason to be afraid of it! If you have a trustworthy dentist to work on your mouth, and you use the following tips to prepare for your procedure, you can reasonably expect everything to go well on your big day.

Prepare Some Meals

You may be quite exhausted after your surgery, and you’re not going to want to prepare elaborate meals or make continual trips to the grocery store. Before your procedure, stock up on soft foods that will be easy for your tender mouth to handle. Pasta, smoothies, and soups are all good choices. If you’re afraid something will go bad, simply stick it in the freezer.

Nutritional drinks like Ensure also provide a good way for you to get essential vitamins and minerals without subjecting your sensitive mouth to the rigors of chewing hard fruits and vegetables.

Arrange for a Ride

Your dentist will do their best to make sure you’re comfortable during your surgery, and that may require that you be put under sedation or anesthesia. It won’t be safe for you to drive following your appointment, so be sure that a friend or family member is available to be your chauffeur for the day.


You should go into your surgery with an empty stomach, so your dentist might advise you to avoid eating anything in the 8 – 12 hours before your appointment. This is important because, if you’re put under general anesthesia, the muscles in your digestive tract will become very relaxed. They will not be able to continue processing food while you’re under the anesthesia’s influence.

Get Comfy

You should remove all makeup before your procedure. Your eyelids may be so relaxed during surgery that you won’t be able to blink away any bits of makeup that get into your eye. It’s also important to remove nail polish because you may have a blood oxygen monitor placed over one of your fingertips, and the polish may interfere with how it works.

Also, be sure to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. The last thing you want to worry about on your surgery day is how tight your jeans are!

Preparing for implant placement surgery doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Simply listen to your doctor’s advice, set your worries aside, and look forward to your new smile!