Root Canal

What Are the Signs of Root Canal Infection

A root canal is usually needed when there is an infection inside the pulp chamber of your tooth. The dental pulp has nerves and blood vessels, and some signs often occur when there is an infection. It is better to learn the warning signs of a root canal infection to understand when to visit the dentist.

4 Signs of a Root Canal Infection

Few signs imply a root canal infection may exist. Identifying the early warning signs is essential in containing the spread of the infection, which can lead to tooth loss. Dentists can suggest root canal therapy to extract infected dental pulp if the signs represent a severe tooth infection.

1. Swollen Gums

The gums cover and sustain the teeth. When a tooth disease appears, the gums also get affected. Due to this, one of the signs of a root canal infection is swollen gums. Swollen gums usually develop if there is a dental abscess, which is a pocket of pus that develops as a result of the tooth infection. Along with the gum swelling, gums can also turn red and feel tender when touched. Not every case of swollen gums is the outcome of an infection, but it is a symptom that should not be avoided.

2. Severe Pain

There are nerves in the tooth root, so naturally, there will be discomfort that exists in most instances of a tooth infection. If intense pain exists, it could be a symptom that a root canal is required. During a root canal, the dentist can eradicate the infected pulp that causes pain and fill the cavity with a substitute material. If severe pain occurs due to infection & it is ignored, then it can cause the infection to spread & worst tooth loss.

3. Sensitive Tooth

Another warning sign of a root canal infection is tooth sensitivity. There are nerves in the tooth root & anytime there is an infection sensitivity can occur. The sensitivity is usually the most evident when teeth get exposed to hot or cold sensations, such as while eating ice cream or breathing in cold air. If tooth sensitivity still exists with extreme tooth pain and gum swelling, then it is deeply motivated to visit the dental office for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

4. Fever

Infection not only impacts oral health, but it can lead to fever, swollen lymph nodes, and other more general symptoms of an infection. If a fever exists that is likely to get associated with an issue with a harmed, worn, or infected tooth, it is important to get treatment for the symptoms & possibly get a root canal to deal with the underlying cause.

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