Know if you are a perfect candidate for dental implants in Twin Falls

Who Is The Perfect Candidate For Dental Implants?

Anyone with one or more missing teeth must consider teeth replacement options. Fortunately, there are various proper methods to deal with teeth loss. One of the most common and effective ways to get a beautiful smile is a dental implant. It concerns digging a titanium post into the jawbone to function as the tooth root for the abutment and artificial tooth. 

The Perfect Candidate For Dental Implants

The candidate for dental implants must be willing to replace one or more missing teeth. The patient must have good oral health and be ready to experience a more intrusive treatment procedure. Below is a review of the ideal dental implant candidate and what to expect from the implant process. 

1. Patients With A Missing Tooth

A dental implant can effectively replace a single missing tooth. It gets achieved by connecting a dental crown to the implant’s abutment. Thus, dentists often suggest dental implants for patients who have had a tooth extraction or knocked out a tooth and those who naturally lost a tooth. The dentist recommends an implant because it offers benefits that a partial denture or fixed bridge can’t, like stopping bone loss and a more comfortable and non-slippery fit. 

2. Patients With More Than One Missing Tooth

Dental implants can also easily replace multiple missing teeth. The dentist can connect a dental bridge to replace a section of missing teeth. A partial or complete denture can attach to the implants for the entire arch replacement. Compared to traditional dentures, dental implants are easy to care for through regular oral care, and there are rarer food restrictions. Many patients also report a more satisfying fit after switching from dentures to dental implants. 

3. Gum & Bone Health

The patient must have good gum and bone health before dental implant surgery to ensure it will last long. Often, bone loss occurs following teeth loss. When this happens, patients might need bone grafting before the order of the dental implants to lower the risk of implant failure. Also, patients must be ready to care for their periodontal health sufficiently long-term to contain early implant failure. 

Understanding The Implants Process

The dental implant procedure is more intrusive than traditional dentures or fixed bridges. Patients who choose dental implants must thoroughly know the phases concerned and be okay going through a minor surgery post-implant placement. Of course, the dentist will be there with the patients every step to confirm the process is safe, as comfortable as possible, and moves smoothly. 

Dental Implants For Restoring Your Oral Health

At Green Acres, we have the best in town dentists who are highly professional & well-trained in dental implant surgery. Our dental team flatters itself on assisting each patient to achieve the smile of their dreams after tooth loss happens. We guarantee you will have a beautiful smile after the procedure. 

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