Know how to handle dental emergency

What To Do In Case Of A Dental Emergency?

Did you knock out your tooth? Are you suffering from a severe toothache? It can be a dental emergency, and you need to get emergency dental care. A dental emergency can occur anytime, anywhere. In case of an emergency, you must know the right steps to take to ensure you can save your teeth.

What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

If you are facing the following dental issues, you need emergency dental care.

  • Severe toothache
  • Knocked out teeth
  • Tooth abscess
  • Broken or missing teeth
  • Cuts or other damage.
  • Crown falls off or a loose dental filling

What To Do In Case Of Dental Emergencies?

Following are a few first aid guidelines for handling the most common dental emergencies.

1. Broken Or Chipped Tooth

If you have chipped or broken teeth, make sure to clean the area gently with warm water. Cover the affected area with sterile gauze to protect the tooth from exposure to germs, air, or liquid. You can reduce swelling by applying a cold compress to your face. Do not apply the cold compress directly to the affected area. Get emergency dental treatment for your broken teeth as quickly as possible.

2. Knocked Out Teeth

If you faced a severe blow to your mouth, it can knock out your teeth. In such a scenario, immediately locate the tooth. Hold the tooth by the crown, i.e., the biting part, and do not touch the roots. Keep the tooth moist by placing it back into the socket or storing it between your cheeks and gums. You can store the tooth in milk as well, however, avoid placing the tooth in water. You need to quickly visit the emergency dentist to make sure your tooth can be saved and placed back into the socket.

3. Severe Toothaches

A toothache should be taken seriously, as it can be a sign of a bigger dental issue. If you are facing a toothache, clean the area with warm water and floss to ensure nothing is lodged between your teeth. You can also use a warm compress to relieve your pain. Don’t put aspirin on your gum as it can burn the tissues. If you have severe swelling or face difficulties swallowing, visit the nearest emergency dentist.

What Should I Do If I Have A Dental Emergency?

If your face a dental emergency, you need to look for emergency dentists near you, who can provide immediate dental care for serious oral injuries. If a dental emergency is left untreated, it can cause several dental issues, for instance, if you knocked out your teeth, you may end up losing your tooth, which will cost you more. If an infected tooth is left untreated, the infection will spread to the jawbone and other parts of your body, which will affect your overall health.

If you suffer from any of the dental issues mentioned above, contact the best emergency dentist today to get emergency dental care that will provide you with immediate relief. At Green Acres Family Dental, our dentist can provide you with same-day emergency dental care. Visit us today to get the best emergency dental care in Twin Falls, ID.