Know what to ask your cosmetic dentist.

4 Things To Ask During a Cosmetic Dental Consultation

Is your smile making you self-conscious due to severe discoloration or stubborn stains & you wish your teeth were flawlessly straight instead of crooked or gapped? Undergoing a complete smile makeover can give you the confidence you’ve always wanted? Then it is time to meet the best cosmetic dentist in Twin Falls. With a skilled, experienced professional you can speak directly about the cosmetic service you are interested in. To ensure your dental visit is as successful as possible, here are a few questions!

1. Am I A Good Candidate For Cosmetic Dental Procedure?

Whether you are considering minor smile changes or a complete smile makeover, it is crucial to ensure that you are an ideal candidate for the cosmetic dental procedure you wish to have. Based on your unique dental conditions, the shape of your teeth and gums, and what your dream smile will look like, your cosmetic dentist can provide you with a clear answer. If an untreated health problem, like gum disease, stands in your way, a dentist can implement a restorative service into your treatment plan or propose an alternative procedure that will better suit you.

2. What Are The Benefits & Risks?

Thanks to advances in dentistry and technology, cosmetic dental procedures are safer and painless than ever before. That being said, there are both benefits and risks involved in every treatment. Knowing this information upfront can not solely help you decide which service is best for you, but it can also prevent any surprises along the way. Learning about the pros and cons can help you have the flawless, stress-free, thriving experience you deserve.

3. Ask For The Before & After Pictures of Previous Patients?

One of the biggest reasons patients hesitate to devote themselves to dental treatment is because they are skeptical about the outcomes. Fortunately, that’s where before and after pictures arrive in! These photos give you an understanding of the doctor’s skill and what your smile may look like at the end of your treatment. Just ensure to look at the pictures of patients with similar cosmetic flaws and smile goals as yours. 

4. What Is Going To Be The Final Cost Of My Treatment?

Many patients are reluctant when it comes to asking for the price, but it is crucial to talk about the financial detail of your care to your cosmetic dentist. Even if the cost is higher than you expected, don’t get discouraged. Many cosmetic dentists have options to help you get the smile you want at an affordable price, like in-house membership plans, and flexible financing.

Your cosmetic dental consultation is a vital step on your journey to your new and improved smile. To ensure you make the most of your dental appointment,  contact us or visit our dental office in Twin Falls, make sure to bring up the above queries! Our cosmetic dentist will answer all your questions with patience & enlighten you about all the possible treatments that will suit your oral health.