What happens if missing tooth isnt replaced

Things That Happen When You Don’t Replace Missing Teeth With Implants

Here are 4 things that happen to you when you don’t replace missing teeth with dental implants:

1. Shifted Teeth

Your teeth are designed to hold and sustain each other in place. When one goes missing others move themselves to fill up the space. It can force teeth to look crooked as they move to modify within your mouth. Straight teeth bending inwards to fill a gap can make more uneven spaces resulting in a buck-toothed appearance.

2. Uneven Tooth Growth

Another thing opposing teeth do is keep each other’s development in check. Teeth can extend further than their normal length which leads to irregular tooth growth. It is not unusual to see patients with missing teeth have long teeth, which are trying to fill spaces where opposing teeth should be. Long teeth can cause an issue with your chewing & cause a problem when you try to close your mouth completely.

3. Mouth Alignment Issues

Irregular and uneven teeth can result in a misaligned smile. Because your teeth have moved to adjust or grown longer, it makes your smile look unappealing. Your chewing pattern varies. Over time, this compensation will make your face look crooked. It also raises the chances of developing speech conditions as your mouth’s natural movements have changed. 

4. Jawbone Mass Reduction

A missing tooth can result in a reduced mass of the jawbone, leading to a weakened jaw. When bone mass declines, the bone tumbles & starts dragging the attached muscles and tissues in. It can drastically alter your whole facial structure as your face’s muscles and tissues are connected to your bone structure.

The Dental Implants Procedure

The implant dentist will run some tests to check if you are an ideal candidate for dental implants. It usually involves checking your regular body functions, oral health condition, the remaining teeth, & determining if your body can resist the effects of the general anesthesia used throughout every operation.

This whole procedure can take over a month or two, and there is no need to change your schedule to have dental implant surgery. You’ll be asked to rest for a day or two after each operation and instructed not to do any heavy lifting to break the sutures used to close the operated areas. You’ll also have to come in occasionally so your implant dentist can check the condition in which the implants have connected with your jawbone.

Once the first phase is done, and the base is set to install the abutment is connected and you have to wait for a few months till you heal before the cap is finally set over the abutment, and you have a beautiful smile again.

Replace Your Missing Teeth Dental Implant In Twin Falls

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